Family Portrait Session at Goldfield Ghost Town

John and Mary have been wanting to do a family portrait session for several months. They finally were able to make their schedules work and called me to set up the session. They selected Golfield Ghostown as the location.  On the afternoon we planned the session the weather did not look good at all. It was dark and rain was poring in. The Superstition Mountains is about a 20 minute drive from  N.E.  Mesa. I wanted to arrive early so I can clear my photo permit with the Goldfield office and be ready for when John's family arrived. I left about one hour before we were to start. I drove to the location under a strong downpour and was ready to called quits. When I arrived at Goldfield it was still raining and it did not looked like we were going to be able to photograph.  Just few minutes later the rain stopped and the clouds started to disappear.  We managed to get several great images and even had a chance to capture a rainbow in front of the Superstition Mountains.  We all agreed after the session, that it was an incredible afternoon and that we were fortunate to be able to do the session under very beautiful light and an amazing location.