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Corporate Events Photographer in Arizona

Get high-quality and vibrant photos of your event's people, emotions, place, actions & reactions that you can use later across various media platforms.

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Why Hire a Corporate Event Photographer?

If you are hosting a professional event, you may want your guests to have long-lasting memories of the event that also represent your brand identity.

You need photos that reflect your company’s image, and hiring a professional event photographer is the ideal way to get high-quality photographs in your business events, fundraisers, or trade shows.

Having a professional photographer at your corporate functions can give you peace of mind, because you’ll be working with someone who has a deep knowledge of photography and will take care of capturing your events as per your expectations.

You should consider some things before hiring a photographer for your event:
  • 1
    Experienced event photographers work in a way that your guests won’t even notice they are there. They are very quick on their feet to make sure that they capture every key moment in the event. They know how to be at the right place, at the right time. This is a quality that beginner photographers often lack, since it is usually developed with years of experience.
  • 2
    Your events, and the photos taken at them, have to reflect the vision of your company. This usually means taking photos of the right people with the right background.
  • 3
    Photo Packages
    When choosing a photographer, you need to make sure that you check their corporate event photography packages thoroughly, so you know exactly what they offer and how their photography service works.
  • 4
    The best photographers have a creative personality, and this can be seen in their work. They create stunning photos using unique and creative camera angles that make you feel as if you were at the function when you look at the photos. You can see this by looking at their online gallery or portfolio.
  • 5
    Key Photography
    A professional photographer will capture pivotal moments of your business event that will become part of your company’s history for the years to come.

Corporate Event Photography Services

You are going to need several different types of event photos to capture the occasion to its full extent. You can choose which types of photos you want for your next corporate event, and you should coordinate that with your event planner and photographer beforehand.

These are the different types of photos used in corporate event photography:
Headshots of the Guest Speaker
Group Photo
Speakers on Stage
Key Moments
Staff Photos
Reception Photos
Funny Moments
General Photos
Headshot of the photographer Ivan Martinez

What Can You Expect When Working with a Corporate Event Photographer?

My name is Ivan Martinez, I am a professional photographer specializing in corporate photography with over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising. My photography business, Ivan Martinez Photography, is based in Mesa, Arizona, but I’m available to work commissions all over the US and internationally.

When working with me, you can expect in-depth understanding, knowledge and willingness to listen and fulfill my clients’ needs. I pride myself in working the scene to get different angles and find the right moment, the moment within the moment. Those very small, fraction-of-a-second moments, that show the unique expression people make according to the emotions the event is getting out of them.

I do my best to go unnoticed. I move in a way that people don’t realize I’m taking their picture, and I make sure to never get in the way of the flow of the event. Also, you will receive your photos as soon as possible, so you can use them as you please in a timely manner.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Event Photographer?

The pricing of this photography service is going to depend on several factors, the duration of the event, whether it is a full-day event or only a few hours long, how many photos you want to receive, how many people are attending the event, the time of day when the event is happening, and if you want a pre-event photoshoot of the speakers, organizers, or the venue.
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Aerial Video and Photography

If you want to obtain unique pictures of your corporate function that include every single detail of what’s happening, at Ivan Martinez Photography, I also offer drone photography and videos.

An aerial shot of your event provides elements that a simple photograph won’t give you, and those elements go a long way in capturing the essence of the occasion.

Are You Doing an Event and Need Photos?

My name is Ivan Martinez and I have 36 years of experience in the field. I’ll be happy to capture the best moments of your corporate event.
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