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Tips You Should Follow in Attorney Headshots

Achieving a great headshot is possible, but as with anything you try, there are some tips and ideas to keep in mind to make the process an enjoyable yet effective one.
A law firm's front with a sunset as the backdrop.example of headshot of a lawyer sitting at a desk.A group of lawyers posing for a picture.
A law firm's front with a sunset as the backdrop.example of headshot of a lawyer sitting at a desk.A group of lawyers posing for a picture.

1. Choose Your Clothes Properly

What you wear for professional headshots matters as this will be an important part of how prospective clients and employers perceive you.

For law practitioners, the best practice is to wear classic and simple clothing for a good first impression. Classic clothing will allow you to use your legal headshot for a longer time without your wardrobe being outdated, and simple clothing will make you stand out and give a confident image.

The best wardrobe practice to succeed at a photoshoot is to choose a tailored suit and use solid colors. You can use a white shirt with a darker blazer on it, or a neutral dress. Whatever your choice, make sure it’s ironed and that it fits appropriately before your session.

Choosing the right clothes for your session will ensure that you can use your headshot for years to come, saving you money and preventing you from having an outdated appearance.
headshot of a lawyer in a suit and tie.

2. Hairstyle and Makeup

When it comes to makeup, remember that less is more: you don’t want to overdo it.

Light makeup and a natural look work best in creating a classic image that will last you for years. Ahead of your session try out your makeup, or consult with a professional makeup artist. You need to choose the right color of makeup and powder to match your skin and use it to cover acne or dark circles under the eyes.

When it comes to your haircut or styling, you should look neat and well-groomed. If you’re opting for a haircut before your session, try and have it a couple of days before your actual shoot to give it time to settle.
A classic headshot of a lawyer in a business suit, smiling for the camera.

3. Smile and Poses 

As a professional headshot photographer, my best advice is to always be yourself and try to enjoy the process. Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, but remember that the photographer will take several photos—and only the best one(s) will be chosen. 

The poses will depend on what you want to achieve in the photo and what your brand requires. Generally, a mix between more serious and professional photos, and some more natural candid ones, can prove to be a great combination.

A lawyer posing for a headshot at a desk with pen and paper.
example of headshot of a lawyer sitting at a desk.

4. Add Your Personality 

While the classic styles are always a good choice, you also want to add a hint of your personality to your professional portrait. You are, after all, promoting yourself—and people should be able to recognize you from your business headshot.

If you always wear the same kind of jewelry, glasses, or other accessories, ensure you include them—without these aspects overpowering the image. The main purpose should be to show the world the best version of yourself, not hide what sets you apart.

Any professional photographer can help you obtain the balance between personality and professionalism.

5. Know Your Brand

The right portrait is the one that complements your personal brand. Whether you're starting your own firm, you are a corporate or environmental lawyer, or you practice any other type of law, your professional photo should be able to convey this message to prospective clients and partners.

Think about what sets you apart from others, and speak to the photographer before your headshot session so you can discuss how to best achieve your goals. Most lawyers prefer to have their photos taken in a formal office setting, but the right setting will depend on what type of law you practice and the headshot you want to achieve.

A law firm's front with a sunset as the backdrop.

6. Best Background

The right setting depends on the way you practice law. Generally, neutral and soft backgrounds are recommended for a more professional approach for corporate lawyers and big firms. Real estate lawyers, on the other hand, might prefer to have photos taken with a house on location, while environmental lawyers might prefer a professional image in a natural setting.

The best background will depend on the type of law you practice and should be highlighted during your session.
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Best Ideas for Law Firm Headshots

There are some practical tips and ideas to keep in mind when having your  lawyer headshots taken. Here are the top ones you should remember.

Sit or Stand

Your photographer should be able to make recommendations based on space, lighting, aesthetics, and your goals. Depending on your goals you might want to consider doing a bit of both, to use for different purposes.

Choose a Consistent Style 

Nothing is more off-putting than having different headshots in a different style for staff and firm members. To convey trust, attention to detail, and a consistent brand image, all portraits should have a similar look, while aiming to highlight each person's personality, especially if you plan on using them for a firm’s website or for a LinkedIn profile.

Individual & Group Headshots

Depending on what you’re after, different approaches can be more successful. I recommend individual attorney headshots for the lawyers and a single group photo for all office staff.

For the individual attorney, I suggest the following poses and potential images

  • Sitting at your desk.
  • Portrait in a law library
  • Read a volume of the civil.
  • Sitting with a colleague.

Regardless of what type of law you practice, whether you belong to a big firm or own a solo practice, you will need a good headshot to support your branding efforts and help you connect with prospective clients.

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a group of business people posing for a team lawyer headshot.

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