Conference Photography: Ideas to Get Good Photos

Ivan Martinez
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Having the right equipment on hand for conference photography is not all it takes to take great photos, it's also important to have great preparation and the right techniques.

I tell you everything you need to know so that the photos of your organization’s events can become public favorites.

Importance of Conference Photography

Audience listening conference

Having good quality photos of your events is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal because it enhances your brand image and can also be used as information to help your guests.

The benefits of event photography go beyond the day of the event, that is, a photographic report can be made before, during and at the end of the event. Having the full experience provides your community with valuable information about your company and the way it works.

If you are planning a conference, it is important that you have prior material and information to inform the guests. In this case, photography counts as visual information: when conference attendees get an idea of ​​what an event will be like from the photos, they can decide whether or not to attend. Therefore, event photography is crucial to the success of an event.

Using the right type of photography and hiring professional photographers is the perfect combination to attract your target audience.

It is important that your company always has conference pictures or events they have held available, this allows you to create marketing materials to promote future events and attract potential attendees and sponsors.

Your event photos can be used for many things:

  • To promote your website
  • To attract sponsors
  • For advertising mail
  • To advertise your company or business 
  • To share on social media
  • To create promotional videos
capture of conference attendees

Having an event photographer specialized in conferences will be very useful because they can document your event at all times. Documenting everything that happens that day through photography allows you to capture the atmosphere of the place and the emotion of the event.

Sharing photos of your conference or trade show on social media helps keep the momentum of the event high. In turn, attendees can share these images on their personal social media accounts and pique the interest of more potential future attendees.

After the event you can use the photos for:

  •     Engagement of attendees after the event
  •     A post-event report
  •     Advertising of the event
  •     Marketing your next event
  •    A proof for event sponsors that their investment was a success

Best Tips and Ideas to Photograph a Conference

Conferenc photography with speakers on stage, presentations and audience

Conference photography is hard work. It involves a lot of people and a very fast workflow. But don't worry, with a little planning and preparation, you can get great results for future posts on your website or social media. I will share some tips that usually help me. Take note!

Know the People Whom You Are Going to Photograph

By getting to know the guests, you and the photographer can feel more comfortable. This will allow both of you to enjoy the event and the atmosphere in general.

When the photographer maintains a good relationship with the speakers, it makes it easier for you to take the needed images such as presentation, sponsors signage, crowd participation or headshots, which you can use to promote a later event.

Shoot from Creative Angles

It is very beneficial if the photographer is not afraid to try shots from different angles of the conference room. You may be surprised by the results! For example, find angles from the participants perspective to bring the viewer of the image to feel as if they were part of the event.

Speaker on stage with presentation

Illumination Is Important

When taking photos of a conference, you have to think about the lighting: that is, the photographer must pay attention to the light that will hit the side of the speaker's face. In addition to the amount of light, you need to understand the color of light (warm or cool light) and adjust as needed. 

Composition of your images is also a key factor in creating images that help tell the story of the event. Find angles that show the speaker engaging with the crowd or attendees paying attention to the speaker. Show the conference room from several angles 

Don't Forget to Photograph the Details 

Another great idea for conference or event photos is to capture the small details: the speaker's face, conference attendees' reactions to a speaker, items used in the presentation, etc.

Small details of a conference

Take a Lot of Photos 

When it comes to a conference, it is important to consider several aspects of the event. For this I recommend taking ​​group shots, as well as photos of the speakers, of the conference attendees, of the stage, of the general public, etc.

Do not forget to have photos of the surroundings, it is very important to remember what it was like in the moment.

Also, make sure you have photos of the crowd.

Tell the Story of the Event 

In order to tell a story, my best advice is to plan. Remember to think about the context of each scene. What is happening in the scene? Does it make sense? What are the possible angles to consider? Which guests or speakers could you take a little photoshoot with?

Think "wow" factor: try to include interesting patterns and colors. This way you’ll achieve many outstanding pictures.

Do you know if there will be any key or interesting moments during the event? If there's a funny moment, capture it.

Speaker on stage smiling

Full Equipment

An excellent event photographer not only takes great photos of the speakers, but also carefully prepares everything beforehand—including materials and tools.

It is not necessary for a photographer to have all his equipment, but it is essential that he is always prepared for the worst.

For everything to run smoothly, they must always keep spare batteries, memory cards, reflectors, diffusers, cables and chargers at hand.

Taking a Few Videos Doesn’t Hurt

It is always interesting and fun to have some videos from company events or conferences, as this type of material grabs the attention of viewers and potential future guests. If you know a videographer, feel free to have them at your event!

Make Sure to Ask for Any Special Requirements 

One of my favorite things about conferences has to do with meeting people and learning new things.

Sometimes, for those of us who have a niche photography business (portrait photography, event photography, etc.) it is interesting and part of the day-to-day to come up with new ideas, but it is also very important to keep client-photographer feedback, to know what things the clients like or what is expected of the photos that are taken.

Dare to give your opinions!

woman listing the conference

Leave Picture Editing to Professionals

Please note that to achieve good results, a great deal of photo editing must be done in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Put your equipment to work for you 

Today’s cameras are incredibly sophisticated and provide photographers with many options that were not available a few years ago. ISO, the camera sensor's sensitivity to light is much better today. Use high ISO when needed. Fast lenses which allow for more light into the sensor are also wonderful tools to use when capturing an event that is presented in a dark conference room.

How Much Does a Conference Photographer Charge?

Here are some approximate prices to help you plan your next corporate event.

The price of a professional event photographer generally includes the time of the event, the experience of the photographer, and the subsequent editing of the images.

The average rate is between $195  and $500 per shooting hour—it depends on the type and length of the event, the number of guests, editing of images that need to be done and the end use of the images.

Please note that some professional photographers may slightly increase their hourly rate on weekends and holidays.

Do you want your events to have quality photos? I would like to work with you. My name is Ivan Martinez and I have 32 years of experience in the field. Let's make a good shot.

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