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Elevate your image with professional medical headshots. In today's digital age, your online presence is critical in establishing trust and credibility with potential patients or employees.
Let me capture your professionalism, ethics, and confidence in a photo.

What Are Health Care Provider & Doctor Headshots?

Technically speaking, a Health Care Provider Headshot or Doctor Headshot is a business portrait used for a company website, business cards, LinkedIn profile, press releases, social media and general online presence.

In reality, though, a headshot is a lot more than just a portrait. A doctor headshot is the first piece of information a potential patient or employer will have about your professionalism, competence, and attention to detail.

Nowadays most first impressions start online, and the way you portray yourself matters—it might make some people instantly like or dislike you.

A great headshot is your first stepping stone into building your brand, getting hired faster, and building a relationship of trust with any potential patients. Through my services, I can help people look their best, and show their professional qualities through experience and extra attention to detail.
a young woman in a gray scrub shirt is posing for a photo.

How to Achieve the Perfect Headshot

Building trust and boosting confidence between the healthcare practitioner and a patient or employer can start from the results shown by an online search. Looking your best to the world will help you achieve your goals as a medical professional.

While first impressions are important, I understand that not everyone likes being in front of the camera and knows how to pose like a pro. Here are several tips and tricks you should consider before your next headshot photography session.

The Background Has to Be Simple

Consistency is important. Using a neutral and clean background–especially when portraying a high number of employees–allows for consistency and for a visually pleasing professional approach throughout the brand.

A neutral background will keep the focus on you, and convey that you went the extra mile and paid attention to detail; you are the person that anyone would want next to their side.

By using a clean background, you achieve that perfect middle ground between looking professional and approachable.
a woman in a gray scrub top posing for a doctor headshot.

What Should a Doctor or a Physician wear for a Headshot?

What you wear for a business headshot matters, and it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. In some cases what works best is a standard suit-and-tie formal look, while for some types of specialties wearing (clean and neat!) scrubs is the norm.

The best advice when choosing what to wear is to look around online and see what your peers are wearing, and to keep it neat, simple and professional–you don’t want to overdo it.

Healthcare dental team headshot

Thinking about all the possible outfits and options for a professional headshot can get quite overwhelming. I have compiled a useful list of What to Wear for Professional Headshots: Tips and More so you can show up on your next session looking your absolute best.

Pose and Expression

I get it, not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera or believes themselves to be photogenic, but this shouldn’t stop you. Physician headshots work best with minimalist poses. Simply be yourself during the photo session and let the portrait photographer work their magic, maybe get a smile out of you, and capture a candid but professional image.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential patient. A little smile can humanize you in the eyes of the public and show the type of person they will be meeting or working with.

Showing someone who looks friendly but also confident can help patients feel more at ease.
a woman in a gray scrub top posing for a professional doctor headshot

Review All the Photos from the Headshot Session 

Thanks to digital technology, professional photographers can work with cameras connected to a computer so that we can review the photos in real-time.

Reviewing your photos on the go allows us to adjust poses as needed and check if there’s anything that needs correction (a loose strand of hair, maybe a makeup retouch, adjusting glasses, etc.) while at the same time, allowing us to mark potential winning shots straight away.

Reviewing your photos on-site can help us create the one image that people are going to connect with and add that little extra magic that you’re looking for too.

As a photographer with over 36 years of experience, I have found that reviews are a key step toward achieving amazing headshots. 
example of doctor headsho: a woman in a gray scrub top smiling

It Is an Investment, so You Should Hire a Good Photographer 

A professional headshot session is without a doubt an investment; while it might seem unnecessary for some, it’s an investment that will help you grow your career and as such, it should be considered carefully.

In the digital era, anyone is capable of taking a photograph just by using a camera, but not everyone can deliver a high-quality final product that makes a good first impression. That one great headshot is what people will find when they google your name or look for you on LinkedIn–you want it to be the best possible version of yourself.

Headshot photography services are a key way of obtaining a new professional photo that can last you for years, and that will allow you to control your own image and brand in an increasingly digital world.

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Healthcare dental team headshot

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