Architectural Design and Construction Photographer in Phoenix, Arizona

Architecture and Construction photography that I create is characterized by sharp colors and simple composition. Quoting one my clients: “Ivan has an eye for detail, composition and color. He gives his work a unique presence and creativity”.

Phoenix Architecture Photography

I work with my clients to understand what is it that they need their images to communicate.  As a photographer, I take time to find the unique aspects of a building to create a set of architectural photos that showcase the work and craftsmanship that is present in the structure.  

Phoenix Construction Project Photography

In the case of construction photography I will work with the people managing the project to identify its key elements. After conversations and meetings,as a group, we identify location, dates and times to create images that best illustrate the project. at  the time.

When needed, I am also able to create aerial images. As a former private pilot, I am aware of the challenges an opportunity that creating an aerial image can bring. Aerial photography provides a different and unique view of a construction project of completed building.