Construction Photographer near Phoenix, Arizona

Your construction project is special. Your work deserves to be shared with the world through high quality photos so that others can experience what your hard work has accomplished.
Construction workers in action on a construction site, captured by Ivan Martinez PhotographerAerial photography capturing a desert waterway from aerial view of a construction site at sunset.a welder working on a pipe in a factory captured by an industrial photographerAn aerial photography of a construction site Example of construction photography on siteConstruction of a large pipe captured in a photography session.
photography of a crane lifting a large piece of equipment over a waterway.

What is a Construction Photographer?

There's definitely beauty in construction job sites, but not all photographers are able to make it stand out.

That's the work of a construction photographer. A professional of this area is someone who expresses the progression of a building's life through all of its stages, starting from, of course, the early construction phase.

As part of this job, a good photographer needs to produce high quality and eye-catching images showing the process of raising a building and how the people involved do their job.

At all stages of the construction process the photographer's responsibility is to try to raise awareness of the quality standard of the construction project and make people notice it.

Difference Between Construction Photography and Architectural Photography

Construction Worker Photography by Ivan Martinez
The difference between these two branches of photography lies in the type of work that both of their core disciplines -construction and architecture- focus on.

Architecture involves designing every detail of the construction of a building and onboarding the nature of the project, whether it be renovation, modernization, etc. Architectural photography expresses this exact process and its final result.

On the other hand, construction is the middle slab between the designing process and the final result: it's the actual progression from phase to phase during the raising of a building. Construction photography then shows the efforts of a company and the evolution of a building from beginning to end.

Architecture and Construction photography that I create is characterized by sharp colors and simple composition. Quoting one of my clients: «Ivan has an eye for detail, composition and color. He gives his work a unique presence and creativity».
a welder is welding a pipe in a factory.

Why Do You Need a Construction Photographer?

Just like it happens in any other trade, if you have a construction company, you'll want to stand out from the competition.For that purpose, you might find it useful to document the development of your job site, because there are some things for which using words to describe them will just not cut it. These are some of the benefits of using construction photography for your business.
Promote Your Work
Have people make emotional connections with the efforts that your team members put into a construction site, take jaw-dropping shots of the technology you use for every task, and use photography as a means to communicate with your potential clients.
Keep a Record
There's nothing like telling a story through images. Construction is a very meticulous process, so you wouldn't want any of its little important details to go to waste without sharing them with your clients, right? Capture each milestone of your construction job site in pictures.
Communicate Construction Progress
Your head office and clients might get antsy as the construction progresses, wanting to get quick results. Using construction photo documentation can help decision makers make the right choices and increase the team's morale and productivity.

Types of Construction Photos

If it isn't clear up to this point, I'll say it: you should always show your construction progress.

For this to be done in an optimal way, you and your photographer need to map out the entire construction plan, decide on the end goal, and which phases and details are worth capturing along the way.

These are some types of photos that I can take during a construction project:
  • 1
    Pre-Construction Photos
    As the foundations of a construction are being laid down, it's good to show gritty and well composed pictures of the raw construction as it is still in its bare-bones.This will create a great contrast when you take the final photos of your construction site and compare it to how it started.
  • 2
    Construction Site Progress Photos
    These are the main photos that can be used as communication and marketing assets. I recommend taking them with zero supplemental lighting and little to none post-editing, in order to highlight the real progress made by the team atter reaching certain milestones.
  • 3
    Final Photos
    This is where photographers work their magic. The goal is to show the final product in all of its glory and, for that matter, we use a substantial amount of supplemental lighting and post-production. This type calls for interior, exterior, overviews, details, and aerial or drone photos.

Construction Site Photography
Aerial Images & Video

At Ivan Martinex Photography we understand the fine art of construction photography. When needed, I am also able to create aerial drone photography and video. As a private pilot, I am aware of the challenges and opportunity that creating an aerial image can bring.

Let's Show Your Construction Project In The Best Light

I will work with the people managing the construction project to identify its key elements. After conversations, as a group, we identity location, dates and times to create images that best illustrate the project.