Answering Few Questions about Construction Photography

Ivan Martinez

Answering Few Questions about Construction Photography

How do you approach a construction site when you are photographing it? How do you prepare? What do you look for? How is it possible to tell a story when you are photographing something that is in the very early stages?

These are some of the questions I get asked by people I meet or my students when we talk about construction photography. The answers are many.

  • To start I meet with the engineers that are working the construction and we go over the project and what are some of the elements in the they want to highlight.
  • When possible, I scout the location and find angles and times of the day that will help me create the construction photos that the client wants. I prepare as much as it is possible before the day.
  • During the photography day, I do a lot of walking and look for different points of view before I start to photograph. I also ask for any particular event that will be happening that we ned to capture. There are times when a concrete pour is schedule, or a structure is being moved.

In addition to looking for potential construction photos, I am also keeping an eye on al the moving trucks and equipment. Safety is a must at any construction site, you have to be hyperaware of your surroundings and be very carefully with your equipment.

Taking the time to understand the construction site and paying attention to details is what drives me to do my best to create construction photos that tell a story.

Here a selection of images from a construction project I captured in Peoria. The client was DCS Contracting and they are currently setting up the sewer lines for a new neighborhood that is being built in the area close to Highway 303 and Grand Avenue in Peoria, Arizona.

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