Industrial Photography: Concept, Types and Tips to Take the Best Shots

Ivan Martinez
Corporate photographer with expertise in business headshots, events, commercial, and construction photography.

Like in nature, industrial sites offer a wide range of opportunities to create amazing photos. It allows us to capture factories, mines, manufacturing plants, refineries, assembly lines, and more.

This type of commercial photography includes many types of shots: from gritty machinery to workers performing tasks. You just have to keep an eye on the story you want to tell. Do not forget the small details, like the type of tools used, employee clothing, metal oxidation, etc.

Whether you are thinking of offering this type of photography to your clients or you need it for your own company, here I share valuable information and some tips. I promise you won't regret it.

What Is Industrial Photography?

When you first hear the term “industrial photography”, it can be confusing or even ambiguous. But it is much simpler than it seems. Let me tell you more. I know that this could be very useful for your company and attract new clients.

Industrial photography is a niche that focuses on serving industrial clients, i.e. engineering companies, factories, high-tech companies, etc.

This type of photography is connected to companies that manufacture products that need large machinery or large-scale facilities.

For example, as a photographer specialized in this area, I can create photos that reflect the danger of a sawmill, or the cleanliness that exists in a food production.

Industrial photographers have to show the work processes of a company in the best light possible: this can include architectural photography of the installation, product photography of the machinery and the products made, images of the people who work there and more.

If you want to tell the story of your company, let me help you.

Types of Industrial Photography

Let’s look at the types of industrial photography that exist.

Architectural Photography 

As its name implies, this type of professional photography specializes in the structures of places. This means it focuses on showing the exteriors or interiors of buildings, bridges, cityscapes, and other structures.

Product Photography 

This type of photography allows us to show the products that a company wants to sell. It is focused on the details of the object. We can also do conceptual shots. These photos make it possible to show the end customer how the products look and should be used. With this type of photos we can also create a product catalog.

On-location Photography 

These images give customers an idea of ​​what a company's workplace is like. The industrial photographer visits the workshop or workplace from the sidelines and captures the essence of the work processes, and the industrial process on-site in general.

Headshot Photography  

These types of photos are very important because employees can use them as LinkedIn profile pictures or display them when speaking at a conference. I particularly think that the upper part of the body can say a lot about the things we do.

Why Do You Need an Industrial Photographer?

Most people aren’t aware of just how much goes into the daily processes of industrial companies, and industrial photography can help show them through interesting photographs.

A company’s clients or future investors can be interested in seeing the internal processes, knowing its essence. If you only use stock photography, you lose the opportunity to empathize and be transparent. Offer your customers the opportunity to see what they can expect from your products or services, your professionalism and your facilities.

Your company should be using high-quality, professional, and consistent  images to market your goods and services. A bad photo can make people think twice before buying your product or service.

These types of photos add value to your company's product. It will also allow you to build trust in your future clients or buyers.

5 Tips to Take Better Shots at an Industry

Here are five fabulous tips for your industrial photography shots. Take note!

Impress with Lighting Effects

Industrial photos present many opportunities, and light is one of them. Do you want to show your customers the red-hot glowing metal of your company? Go for it! You must be ready to appreciate a wide range of lighting situations.

Don't Forget the Landscapes

Show your clients the size of your company, the facilities you have and the hard work behind it. Remember that this type of photography can attract a large audience interested in your products and facilities.

Small Details Are Very Important

You can't forget the little details! It is very important to focus on the big picture as well as on the small things . Find those unique features: an aged metal, something with flashes of color, or old protective gear. Your company’s images shouldhave one or several stories to tell.

Capture the Process of Manufacturing

It's time to capture the manufacturing facility and the manufacturing process in action, which means capture the people who bring the company to life! It is very important that you do not forget to wear the proper protective gear in the event that you get close to workers in action. If you have doubts about whether or not you can take a photo, just ask.

Use Aerial Takes

Show people a world they have never seen. How? With aerial photoshoots! You can photograph from a high point the entire industrial building. These types of shots will allow you to capture much more than traditional industrial images. You will be able to tell a unique and different story about the company.

If you are interested, I would like to offer you my services which include photography, video, and drone photography and video to help you show a great view of the industrial facilities you want to showcase.  I am an FAA certified drone pilot.

As a professional photographer, I have worked with all kinds of businesses. I see my job as finding ways to create images that help companies tell their story. Let me help you tell yours and show the greatness of your industry. Get in touch with me.

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