University of Arizona Mount Lemmon Sky Center, a view of our galaxy and beyond

What an wonderful experience we had last weekend. We signed up for the Mount Lemmon Sky Center Astronomy program.  It was my first experience at a real observatory.  As a Mesa, Arizona photographer, going to Tucson is always a great trip. Tucson culture is very diverse and there always great places to eat and visit.

After a half hour drive from our bed and breakfast The Azure Gate outside of Tucson, we arrived at the top of Mount Lemmon. The program started around 4 PM with instructions on how to use the telescope, a beautiful sunset and a well executed presentation about our universe by Matt Ryan. Matt is an astronomer who graduated at the University of Arizona. Matt presentation showed his passion and immense knowledge for the topic.  He did a wonderful job in educating all of us about our universe and many of the other galaxies beyond. We had perfect skies and great weather for star gazing.

I came out with a great understanding of how tiny small our planet and solar system is when compared to everything else out there. We learned that there are about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, the galaxy our solar system is in. Now put this into perspective, it is estimated that there are about 100 billion galaxies out there.  Yes, we are just a little grain of dust in the bast space system. Here are few images from the facility and the views we had .