Downtown Mesa is the place to be.

Last night downtown Mesa was a very busy place. Downton was packed. The diversity of people in downtown Mesa was striking. It is something common in downtown to see families, young kids, and old people as well as artists, music enthusiasts and biker all having a wonderful time. A reason for the big crown was the fact that there were three popular events all happening at once. In addition to the standard monthly first Friday event,  Motorcycles on Main, the Mesa Arts Center unveiled Fantastic Planet. If that was not enough to bring you to downtown Mesa , the recent installation of the Arizona Museum of Natural History of the life size dinosaur breaking out of the museum walls, should entice you to come down.  We took advantage of the nice weather walked downtown and stop for dinner at Mangos.

If you have not been to downtown Mesa in a while, you need to take a look, you are missing a great deal.

Here are few images from last night, enjoy.