Photographing the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur an inspiring experience

One of the things I do as a professional photographer is to create images that tell a story. Photographing places and creating portraits of people that help the reader or viewer connect with the subject is something I enjoy very much. A couple of weeks ago I worked for two days with the Sister of Notre Dam of Namur. The project's objective was to create a series of images to document sister Mag work with the Maricopa jails in Phoenix. Getting to know sister Mag was very inspiring. Sister Mag has been in Phoenix since 1964. She has lots of interesting stories about her early years in Phoenix living without air conditioning. Learning about the fact that she used to ride a bike to get around Phoenix to visit all places she was working with like the Lower Buckeye jail. Sister Mag is on her 80's  and still going strong. She no longer rides the bike; but still manages to get around thank you to volunteers that drive her. It still allows her to keep doing the job she has done for many years. Sister Mag works with people that have paid their debt to society and are working hard to get their live back in order.