Thanksgiving in Iceland. Wonderful warm country in a very cold land

I am not a cold weather person and neither is my fiancé Jen. We both were born and live in a very warm place. However, we love to travel and experience new cultures.  So when the opportunity to visit Iceland came about; we weighed the pros and cons and decided to go for it.  We have heard about Iceland and felt that winter was probably better than summer. It is a very popular place to travel to in the summer. In part it is the location. Iceland is right in the middle of the flight routes from the US to Europe. Many airlines will offer stop by services. So over the years the Iceland economy has transformed from an economy that depended on fishing to one that is now driven by tourism. The country population is about 350,00 and one can drive around the island in about 13 hours. The challenge of visiting in winter in addition to the cold is the very short days you get. Sun rises at 10:30 in the morning sets at 4 in the afternoon. The advantage of visiting in winter is that you get less crowds and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. We rented a car for two days and managed to visit many places close to the reykjavik . We visited several waterfalls in the southern coast and were able to get to see the Northern lights on our first night. We were very fortunate and the rest of our stay was rainy and cloudy.  Overall we had a wonderful experience. And even thought it was winter,  I am glad we did it.