Grand Canyon - Views From The South Rim

Mesa August 20, 2009

A great excuse to get away from the Phoenix Valley's hot weather during the summer is to drive North and visit the Grand Canyon. In a recent trip, I had a chance to spend more time than I usually do driving through the south rim road from Hopi Point to Dessert Vista. The images of the structures (The Hopi House and The Watch Tower) are two of six buildings designed by architect Mary Colter who worked with the Fred Harvey Company for close to 50 years designing structures and interiors through the South West. One thing I found interesting during this trip is how approachable the wild life in the park seemed to be. The photos of the squirrel and the elk were taken from a fair distance but they did not seem to be bothered at all. The park does make a point to warn visitors to be cautious and not to make contact or feed the wild life. The landscapes images were taken late in the afternoon during sunset between Mather and Yavapai Point.