Creating a Merit Image

Mesa, March 7, 2009

Last week at our Arizona PPA Chapter members had the opportunity to submit 8x10 prints for review. Images are jugged using a PPA criteria based on 12 elements.  The 12 element a merit print must have are: impact, creativity, technical excellence, composition, lighting, style, print presentation, center of interest, subject matter, color balance, technique and story telling.   The print below titled Weathering The Storm,  was given a Merit recognition, which means that it met at least 80% of required elements.  This was my second opportunity to get my prints reviewed.  It is a humble process and you have to be willing to take criticism in a constructive manner.  I have found the judging to have  helped me improve my craft and to see areas I can work on.   Photography like any craft requires practice and a willingness to keep improving.  I enjoy the process and find that every day brings new challenges and great rewards.

Weathering the Storm