Colors of Venezuela

Mesa, January 30, 2009

I just returned from a trip to Venezuela.  I have not been back since 1999.  The country has changed  quite a bit since then.  However; the culture and character of its people and places remains very much the same.  Regardless, of political affiliation most Venezuelans share a common bond.  It is the country's music, food and its strong cultural expression.  Every where you go, you find bright colors, signs and clear expressions that show pride and a sense of self expressions.  I had a great time and had the opportunity to travel to many places and visit many friends and family.  I hope my next visit will be in less than ten years.  The images below were captured during my recent trip.

Francisco Fajardo Freeway, Caracas

IMP_VzlaVal09-4-Edit copy.jpg

Andean town of Bocono, Estado Trujillo

IMP_VzlaAndesII09-26-Edit copy.jpg

 Highway fruit vendor, El Guapo, Estado Miranda

IMP_VzlaClarines09-115-Edit copy.jpg

Fishing boats undergoing repairs, Punta Arena beach, Maragarita 

IMP_VzlaMargDayII09-74-Edit copy.jpg

Sunset at Juangriego bay, Margarita

IMP_VzlaAndesIII09-233 copy.jpg