Mesa Art Center: A place for inspiration

Mesa, Arizona June 3, 2008

I find that  going to the Mesa Art Center with a camera in hand gives me a good amount of inspiration.  After working on the site for a few days straight, I needed to get out of the house.  Every time I go to the Mesa Art Center, I see something I have not seen before.  Early last Saturday was no exception.  I took advantage of the early morning hour light  and spent a couple of hours walking around the place to capture the images below.  Enjoy!

Walkway water sculpture










Even the manhole covers are a source for creativity...











Stairs.  Working your own business can feel like a long climb.  Mesa_Art_Ctr_stairs.jpg        




















Palm shadow.  Time of this image was around 7:30 AM. Summer is here!






















Framed light.























Concrete shadows II
























Mesa Art Center central walkway